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 Shanan Sher,

Cell Phone:
052 2931002

Sheera Epstein,

Cell Phone:
052 3919626

Jerusalem Clinic:
Jerusalem Medical Center
9A Diskin Street
(02) 566-9173

Tel Aviv Clinic:

Ramat Aviv Medical Center
Ramat Aviv Mall
Einstein Street 40
Ramat Aviv
Tel Aviv
(03) 519-5008
 Cell: 052 2931002


Relieving Pain; Improving Lifestyle

Osteopathy   has moved to the forefront of the primary health care system for its successful treatment of joint conditions especially back and neck pain. The reader will get an insight into why this gentle, yet specific treatment has enabled many patients to get relief from their pain.


Joanne's Story: Consider the story of  Joanne, a sporty, 22 year old student, who was involved in a serious car crash. Six months after the crash, she was still walking with the support of a crutch. She experienced intense spinal pain all day. As a result of the pain she had to drop out of university, as she could not sit let alone concentrate during lectures.

She was certain she would have to live with her pain for the rest of her life. Her family doctor gave her pain killers which had no effect on her pain.

After suffering for 3 months she started osteopathic treatment. The treatments were specific and increased in intensity, initially gently.

From the first treatment she saw an improvement in her symptoms. After 7 treatments she no long needed to walk with the aid of a crutch and soon felt her daily  functioning was returning to normal.

Three months later, Joanne went backpacking across America and is waiting to start university again in the next academic semester.


If you want to consult with an osteopathy now
Sheera Epstein: 0523-919-626
Shanan Sher: 0522-931-002

        To Make an Appointment:
Ramat Aviv Medical Center              Jerusalem Medical Center
       24hrs a day 03-519-5008                            02-566-9173

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